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This is the Tumblr companion to my weight loss blog, Health +50.

I've lost over 80 pounds so far and now I'm focusing on becoming fitter, healthier and stronger.

Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Starting Weight: 200+
Current Weight: 112
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Breakfast! Omelette with ham, cheese, zucchini, and roasted peppers

My favorite thing in the winter.

I discovered some more before pictures of me, when I was close to my heaviest. It’s really amazing to see how far I’ve come.



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Welcome to the launch of my new blog! It feels all “official” now that I have my own domain name, http://www.healthplusfifty.com. Look for more regular updates from me. 

I’ve been noticeably absent since the summer, but life’s been crazy. I’ve still maintained though! Still exercising and lifting…in fact my lifts have progressed even heavier! Awesome! 

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Tried something new for breakfast this morning! Two eggs, roasted red peppers, asparagus and tomato all fried up together. 

It was yummy ;)

I’ve been weight training since ‘09. Nothing serious, I lifted maybe 40lbs max. I remember STRUGGLING to lift that and ending up with back pain. Not cool. I wasn’t really making all that much progress, but I did lift once a week from the summer of ‘09 to May of 2011, when I started watching my portions. I kept lifting as my weight dropped.

A year ago—September 2011—I said to myself: “what would happen if I started challenging myself?”

So I started adding weight to the end of my bar in the class. Within a few weeks I was lifting heavier than anyone else taking the class. Within a few months I was lifting twice as much (or more) as most people. After those few months I had enough courage to add another lifting day outside the confines of the class and began lifting even heavier on those days. Soon my weight training class was no longer the day I lifted the heaviest. 

A year ago I made one of the best decisions of my life, and because of lifting heavy:

  • My arms look fantastic
    Seriously! My once most hated feature has become one of my favorites. I love how muscular and solid my arms are. I used to be ashamed and would never dare to wear a tanktop…now I’m sad the summer is ending because I’ll have to put them away.
  • I am bootylicious
    One of the things I lamented as I lost weight was that I had a flat butt. After adding heavy squats to my routine I have a round booty 
  • My legs look awesome
    They’re nice, sculpted, and easy to shave! 
  • I have to eat a lot
    It’s amazing to me how much I have to eat just to maintain my weight. I feel like I’ve discovered a cheat code.

And now, the most important ones:

  • I can run without trying
    I don’t run regularly. However, when I do feel like running, I can go for 5+ miles without breaking a sweat.
  • I’m strong
    I can’t even explain how this feels. I love defying the expectations of everyone around me. They look at me, see this tiny chick and expect that I can’t lift much…only to find that I’m running circles around the guys. I can outlift a lot of men and I love that.
  • My confidence is through the roof
    It’s hard to feel bad about yourself when you know what you can accomplish. So what if I’ve got loose skin on my stomach? This body can lift some serious weight, who cares?

Lifting heavy has changed my life, and I hope that I can inspire at least one woman to look past the wrong information she’s been fed and pick up a set of heavy weights. As it is I’ve managed to get other women at my gym picking up slightly heavier weights…now to get them to lift even heavier!

Not only has lifting shaped my body—it’s shaped my mind too. I feel strong and confident, and that’s an awesome way to live.

Today I went clothes shopping because there are so many sales, so why not? I bought a lot of nice things, but I went to one store without a dressing room. There were a pair of size 0 jeans on sale for $5 so I bought them. 

I got them home and pulled them out, ready to try them on. “WTF were you thinking?” I told myself, “these aren’t going to fit!”

I was practically hyperventilating while putting them on, thinking there was no way in hell they’d fit me. 

I got them on and guess what? They fit nice! I love the way they look!

I still can’t see myself as the size I am, but luckily I seem to have a rational side that slaps me upside the head every so often.

From the time we’re little women are taught to be delicate, kind, etc. Men have to open jars for us and lift the heavy stuff because they’re GUYS and can do that and women are the weaker sex and can’t.

I’m here to tell you to throw that notion out the window. We can be STRONG and awesome if we want to…(read more)