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The right bra is important ladies

So throughout my weight loss my bra size has changed dramatically. I know a lot of women are afraid their breasts are going to shrink if they lose weight, but it shouldn’t be a concern of yours. Although I can’t really complain (oh wait, yes I can! But that will come later!) since I went from a 40D to a 30F (UK) and 30DDDD/G (US). The annoyance comes from the fact that I have to buy bras online/specialty shops now.

I recently bought the bra above, a Panache Cleo Penny Plunge Bra in size 30F. My first well-fitting bra in a while! It feels amazing to finally have a bra that fits properly and doesn’t require constant adjustment! I love this bra and I’m afraid I’m going to get addicted to buying lingerie. I was already scouring the internet for more Panache bras because I simply loved this one so much. Oh, US manufactures, why must I trot to foreign companies to buy my bras?

It’s funny. I couldn’t fit into Victoria’s Secret bras before I lost weight…and now I can’t fit into them at my goal weight (I was a 32DD briefly, so I was able to wear them for about a month or two). Women often think VS is the end-all for bras but it’s not the case. Chances are if you go there you will get measured incorrectly so they can fit you into their small range of bras ;) Learn how to measure yourself so you can find the correct size you need.

I can’t really stress this enough. If you’re losing weight, you’re going to need to get new bras frequently. You’ve probably heard of breasts becoming saggy once weight loss occurs. A well-fitting bra can prevent that.

I’m not going to go into the right way to measure yourself here, but I will point you in the right direction. Just know the following rules: 1) DON’T ADD INCHES TO YOUR BAND SIZE, 2) Don’t measure above your breasts to get your band size, measure directly under them, and 3) Don’t freak out if you’re suddenly a F cup or something. You’re not a freak, most companies just want to squish you into their poorly-fitting bras because they’re lazy.

Bra Fitting Resources

You can also find sites at the above links to find your size to purchase. Count yourself as lucky if you fall into the 32-44A-D range though!

Good luck ladies!


LOVE this pic :)


LOVE this pic :)




For serious I am tired of seeing these “skinny isn’t sexy” posts or fat bashing posts. BOTH ARE WRONG.