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I've lost over 80 pounds so far and now I'm focusing on becoming fitter, healthier and stronger.

Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Starting Weight: 200+
Current Weight: 112
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Breakfast! Omelette with ham, cheese, zucchini, and roasted peppers


Tried something new for breakfast this morning! Two eggs, roasted red peppers, asparagus and tomato all fried up together. 

It was yummy ;)

I looovveee this breakfast.

2 poached eggs, roasted red pepper, tomato, grilled zucchini


Pizza on whole wheat Flatout Flatbread with: Tomato, Roasted Red Pepper, Grilled Zucchini, Grilled Chicken and Mozzarella. 


I decided to try making a lettuce wrap today.

Lettuce, grilled chicken, American cheese, and tomato

It was yummy!

Fork was there in case it fell apart…didn’t need it!

Giant freaking avocado that my family shared. It was delicious!

Lunch :)

Poached egg, roasted red pepper, asparagus, and tomato

Another shake. PB2, banana, and strawberry banana yogurt.

Approx 12 grams of protein :)